Event Planning Tips

Event Planning TipsEvaluate the eventTake time to evaluate right after the event while the detailsare fresh. You may want to consider having a questionnaire forparticipants to fill out. Some general evaluative criteria include:Did the event fulfill its goals and objectives? Why or whynot?Identify what worked and what needs fine-tuning. Which vendorsshould be used again?What items were missing on the checklist?Was the event well attended?Was informal and formal feedback about the event positive?Given all that went into staging, was it worth doing? Finally, it is important to remember to celebrate your successesand to thank all those who contributed. Special thanks to the American Library Associationfor permission to reprint.Excerpted from "Part-Time Public Relations with Full-TimeResults," which covers topics ranging from how Pasta Party Lanus to write anews release to desktop publishing. Published by ALA Editions,65 pages, $16 or $4.40 for ALA members. To order call 1-800-545-2433,press 7.