Engagement: Jessica Erin Willis & Adam Patrick Cesario

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30, 2013 | Zoom More William Willis of Neshanic Station, New Jersey and Sharon Willis of Bridgewater, New Jersey are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter Jessica Erin Willis to Adam Patrick Cesario, son of Adam Cesario Sr. of Fort Meyers, Florida and Wendie Cesario of Hillsborough, New Jersey. Jessica is a 2009 graduate of Rutgers University and earned a BA in Linguistics. She is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Speech Language Pathology at Seton Hall University. Adam is employed by the State of Maryland as a Law Enforcement Officer. A spring 2014 wedding is planned. The couple will reside in Maryland.

The Evolution of Patrick Willis' Game

They also knew that FortyWHiner Harbaugh would single them out after both beatdowns Seattle inflicts upon them this season. niners816 says: Jun 19, 2013 12:00 PM I for one cant wait for the Seattle vs San Francisco games in the future. Its going to be a great rivalry for hopefully many years to come. That being said, Seattle has the most annoying fans Ive come across. Im sure there are some good fans in Seattle, but if your best franchise victory was a regular season win, then you havent won anything. You guys can talk about how Atlanta beat you and we beat Atlanta if you want!

The fact that Willis came in the top ten on such a list is a testament to the player that he is Patrick Willis Jersey and has become in his six years playing in the league. When Willis came in as a rookie in 2007, having been drafted with the eleventh overall pick, he came with an impressive resume and credentials from his time at Ole Miss . From game one of his career, Willis showed why he was a two-time All-American and Butkus Award winner as he went on to be a Pro-Bowler and All-Pro player as a rookie. During Willis first four seasons, he was one of the few things that 49ers could point to as something that offered hope and promise during a time of much frustration as fans were looking for the team to break out of a number of years below .500 football. Even though the team may not been a perennial playoff contender, Willis was being recognized by many who covered and analyzed the league as one of the best middle linebackers. What has made Willis stand out and receive the accolades he has since day is that he is a complete player at the middle linebacker position. Just as important as his play, the leadership that Willis has shown and exhibited since he came into the league has been equally impressive. Willis is the guy who before the game gives the fiery, emotional speech to get his teammates pumped up and focused in the final huddle. Along with that, it is clear that Willis commands and has the respect, attention, and ear of every single player in the locker room thus only confirming his undisputed leader status within the 49ers.

Patrick Willis Rightfully Recognized Amongst NFLs Best

That's where I'm trying to get to in my career." Here's the crazy thing, though: Willis already plays this way! I mean, yes, he is one of the fastest ILBs I've seen. His sideline to sideline speed is not only undeniable, it is also intimidating. But, Willis also has spot-on instincts. His ability to sniff out where a defender is headed makes him one of the best defenders in the league. While the speed is an important part of the game, it's most successfully utilized in combination with his instincts. But, if P-52 thinks that he can push his game to the next level by really honing those instincts to a new level of athletic prowess as of yet unseen in his career, then one of the best defenders in the league (and yes, he deserves the redundancy) will be a bedrock of this defense for another seven years.

Patrick Willis has had it with these snakes on his patio

According to 49ers.com, Willis was one of 31 players on the roster to attend every practice and workout this offseason. The 28-year-old used the offseason program to strengthen his body and his mind. For the first time, I really feel like mentally and physically Im in the best shape Ive been in since I was a rookie, said Willis, who is one of 17 players to make six consecutive Pro Bowls to begin a career. Mentally, I feel like Im in a place Ive never been before. The 6-foot-1, 240-pound linebacker is entering his third season in Vic Fangios defensive system. You dont have to move as fast if youre smarter, if you have the knowledge, said Willis. Im always hungry to be better than I was the year before. Willis said hes taking a patient approach this season, and is focused on becoming the best linebacker. At this point Ive learned to be patient, let it come to you, said Willis. Each day you have the opportunity you have to work, make it your best day so when that time comes, youre ready. You let the season come, Itll be here around the corner. Willis said hes ready to prove hes one of the best as he enters his seventh NFL season.

Patrick Willis among 49ers with perfect attendance

(Photo: Patrick Willis/Facebook) San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis channeled his best Samuel L. Jackson inSnakes on a Plane, posting a photo on Facebook Sunday of a large bloodied gopher snake on his property that he apparently shot with a pellet gun. Never a dull moment, Willis posted. I had an intruder in my house welcome to the hills. Got em As one would anticipate, Willis post quickly devolved into a political argument, with over 2,000 people weighing in with opinions like u go patrick , a snake is a snake KILLLLLL KILLLL to Are you out of your mind, Patrick? What a freaking idiot. You are a sickening human being. And how would the edited version of Jackson respond to such chatter? (Thanks to Deadspin for the link)

Patrick Willis: Im hungry to be better

It is actually humbling to know him as a man because when we started talking at Pro Bowls, he would always tell me all of these stories, and we would just have conversations. My job is now, every time I call him, every time I tell him something, I always try to give him good advice, whether its to stretch more or to do more to have the longevity that you are trying to have in this game. Willis calls it an honor to share a field with Lewis. I see a man that plays with passion. I see a man that plays with enthusiasm every play, he said. I see a man whos a leader.

Patrick Willis will carry on Lewis' No. 52 legacy

At the start and duration of the bout, movement was key between both fighters. While Mora remained calculated and determined in his come-forward approach, Proksa would erratically weave in and out of range hoping to frustrate his opponent. With a KO ratio like his, many were eagerly anticipating a stoppage win. Much to those fans dismay, the stoppage never came. Instead, Proksa was treated to an absolute boxing lesson by Mora. Granted, Proksa did have his moments in the bout and seemed to land the harder shots at times, but Moras punch out-put, aggression, and landed punch rate ultimately won him the bout. After ten hard fought rounds, Sergio Mora emerged victorious after the judges scored the contest (96-94), (96-94), and (98-92) all in his favor. Theres no telling whether Proska will ever be seen in an American broadcast again, but with this win one has to believe that Mora has finally managed to fight off the obscurity that threatened to engulf him and his boxing career.