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Surely be correct to say, Education is the chief defense of nations. The foundation of every state is the education of the youth. Only the educated are free. In the present competitive era, one can notice that education has become a necessity. It uplifts the person moral ethical and spiritual values. Illiteracy is a curse on mankind. An illiterate person does not appreciate the proper values of life. He/she is unaware of the modern day developments-both national and international.
Epilepsy affects approximately one in 200 children (around 0.5%). In a special education context, there are often students who have epilepsy as a dual disability alongside another disability. For example, some students may have cerebral palsy as well as epilepsy. Teachers need to be aware of the combined effects on learning of both conditions, and the long-term implications that both can have on student well-being and daily functioning. Despite the prevalence of epilepsy, there are lots of myths and misunderstandings. This article should help get special education teachers on track with learning about this disability.
There have been a wide variety of styles that have been popular in these kinds of desks over the centuries since this furniture first appeared. Between the 1600s and the 20th century, styles known as Georgian, Victorian, and William and Mary were popular and common. These desks featured elaborate hand-carved patterns, inlays, dovetailed joinery, and curving leg styles known as cabriole legs. These ornate legs curve outward and then back in, terminating in a foot that looks like the claw of a bird grasping a ball. This degree of craftsmanship and artistry in construction explains why these desks were only available to a wealthy few and were not furnishings of the masses.
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The teachers recruited for Government schools are paid low but under a lot of pressure to fulfill other duties like participating for the census or being on duty for the elections. No doubt these teachers get paid extra and there are a lot of perks like pension, the International school teachers earn far better than their Government school counterparts and earn salaries in the 30 to 50k bracket. The social exposure in Christian mission schools and private schools is more than the Government schools but then the fees are accordingly higher. Today many Indian schools are turning into smart schools with completely digitized classrooms and audio video facilities making learning a dynamic and interactive activity.
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