Empire Avenue To Reward Social Media Activity With Digital Music, Movies And Ebooks

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Missions can take place on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare, YouTube, WordPress blogs and Tumblr. Empire Avenue members who complete a mission will be rewarded with a designated number of Vees based on their social activity, engagement and reach. Using Vees, Empire Avenue members will be able to purchase the latest movies, music and ebooks and then download them to their computer, smartphone or tablet. Vees and the digital entertainment marketplace will complement Empire Avenue's original game currency, "Eaves," and the community's Social Stock Market. While Vees will be used for digital goods and services, members can still use Eaves to create social media Missions for other participants, invest in others on the Social Stock Market to expand their networks, purchase analytics and engage with 'social mavens' on Empire Avenue Communities. "Eaves are all about access to people and networks," explained Wijayawardhana. "They are still the key to measuring and exchanging social value.

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