Emotional/Mental Distress and Substance Abuse

Mental health problems and substance use conditions frequently occur together. This is becausecertain controlled substances can trigger people with an addiction to experience one or more signs of a mental illness
Mental health problems can often times lead to alcohol or substance abuse, as some people with a mental health problem may abuse these drugs as a form of self-medication
Mental and drug use conditions share some rudimentary causes, encompassing changes in brain structure, genetic weaknesses, and early exposure to stress or trauma
Over one in four grownups living with significant mental health problems likewise has a drug use problem. Drug use issues manifest more routinely with various mental health problems, encompassing:

Stress and anxiety conditions
Personality disorders
Drug Use Problems
Substance use problems can describe substance use or substance dependence. Signs of drug use disorders may encompass:

Behavioral changes, such as:

Loss in attendance and performance at work or school
Often getting into trouble, (brawls, accidents, illegal activities).
Using substances in physically hazardous situations such as while driving or operating equipment.
Engaging in suspicious or deceptive behaviors.
Changes in appetite or sleep patterns.
Unexplained modification in personality or attitude.
Unexpected state of mind swings, irritation, or irate tantrums.
Periods of unusual hyperactivity, frustration, or giddiness.
Wanting motivation.
Appearing afraid, anxious, or paranoid, with no reason.

Physical changes, such as:.

Bloodshot eyeballs and unusually sized pupils.
Sudden weight loss or weight gain.
Deterioration of physical look.
Unusual odors on clothing, breath, or physical body.
Tremors, slurred speech, or reduced coordination.

Social changes, like:.

Hasty change in buddies, favorite hangouts, and hobbies.
Legal problems related to substance use.
Unusual need for money or financial issues.
Using substances despite the fact that it causes problems in relationships.

Recuperating from Mental Health Problems and Drug Use.

Someone with a mental health problem and drug abuse disorder must address both problems. ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCE WITH DRINKING . . .
are you an alcoholic ?
Treatment for both mental illness and drug use conditions might include rehabilitation, prescription medications, self-help group, and talk therapy.