Emissary of the Anunnaki

comic book

The Tale of the Hearth King” is a 128-website page methal-themed graphic novel that includes the true story of the legendary black metallic band Melechesh - the pioneers of Sumerian Black Thrash Steel. The visible story is primarily based on exceptional interviews with the founder of the band - Ashmedi. Also it consists of actual episodes from their tours. Intertwining with the darkish and grim tales of Sumerian mythology and infusing with lyrics of their songs we get a gorgeous interactive story of the band.
Blending the storytelling genres of dim fantasy, mythology, and documentary, "Emissary of the Anunnaki" promises an engaging journey into the Grim Sumerian Underworld as properly a sneak-peek of the mysterious fiery planet of Nibiru.
The comic book engages the metalheads to turn into component of these tales, in which they face numerous alternatives and quizzes, help the people to overcome problems, or dive deeper into the large metallic band’s story universe and the mythology via the interactive maps, 360 video clips, audio-visible archives and a lot more.

Metallic DEPOT produces interactive digital graphic novels showcasing metal bands from all in excess of the globe. The comedian publications are produced in collaboration with actual bands, based on their correct stories and background. Right after conducting an preliminary job interview with the band, we add some epic fantasy and mythology to the storyline, as properly as use inspiration from their lyrics and true-life functions from the band’s background. The bands, as well as record labels, become our shut associates and collaborate in the course of the creation and distribution of the graphic novels. Combining the story with new tech we present a digital comic book of the metal bands to their metalhead followers and not only.