Electric Motorcar-Its a prelude to let motors into city

There are so many times to be told motors are limited in city. And the rider deprecated this rule many times, but it doesn’t make any effort. Whether the chamber of commerce of motor industry or Enterprise. Whether the media or consumers , all of them are always appealing and trying.but the result are unsatisfactory.the door of motor into city is close,yes ,not open.
Fortunately, even through in this rugged environment, motor market still developed well.the annual sales number up to 17 million, motors are driven out to village, to overseas because of the limited policy. However , in one word , anything can’t prevent motors step into market.
Nowadays, you can see cars everywhere, it’s cars time. The road is more and more blocking, and fewer and fewer parking space, the flexibility of motor come out , so standing out.yes , I know ,in many peple’s heart , they dying to and look forward to have a motor.