Effective Ways to Reduce Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common occurrence to so many people in the whole wide world. There are so many things that can cause lower back pain, one of them being standing or sitting for a long time without changing your position. Sometimes the pain can be extreme, especially if it is caused by an injury on your lower back. In any way, you need to reduce the pain as much as possible in order to feel comfortable and continue doing the things you do.

Give it the Cold Treatment

One of the ways in which you can reduce lower back pain is by using an ice pack, a cold gel pack or something cold on your back. You need to place it on the area that is paining for some thirty minutes in the first few days after the pain starts being felt. This will help so much in reducing the back pain. If the pain is being caused by prolonged standing or sitting, then it will be gone after the first two or three days. But if https://penzu.com/p/783c76c6 was an injury then you need to use some medications as well.


There are some anti-inflammatory medications that can be used to reduce lower back pain. One of these is ibuprofen. But you need to take the directives of a physician first before using such pain relievers because sometimes you may be required to take more in order to effectively reduce the pain. Again, you do not want a medication that can cause stomach upsets or other effects like drowsiness. After confirming with your physician, you can use the mediation with the other therapy which has been mentioned above. This will help in reducing the pain as fast as possible.

Massage the Pain Away

Massage is a great way you can reduce lower back pain. Not any kind of massage is effective though. You need a professionally trained massage therapist to administer the massage to your lower back so that the pain can be reduced. Massage has been proven to reduce back pains within the shortest time possible already, that is why it can be trusted with a lower back pain. A trained massage therapist will know what to do in order to massage you well and reduce your pain without hurting you more and this will give you patience to wait for the pain to subside.


Sometimes in order to reduce lower back pain, complete rest is all that is needed. If you have been standing for a long time or sitting for a long time and you have a lower back pain as a result, you need to take some time to rest in a firm mattress, with or without a pillow. Your knees should be elevated in order to get the back pain off your back immediately.
If you rest maybe for an evening, the following https://penzu.com/p/5e1fc627 will be feeling much better and fresh. Resting can work effectively even without any pain relieving medications.

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