Effective Methods to Fight Acne

You've no doubt seen ads for acne fighting products on TV, in magazines, and even on the Internet, so you know that there's just way too many products for fighting acne these days. If you were to fall for these ads, you'd end up believing that your acne will be miraculously cured by each one of these products.
However, these products are just all hype. If you truly want to keep your acne at bay, you need to stop buying into the hype. What you need to do instead is get back to skin care basics. Your skin is going to thank you for it.
Don't ignore the importance of exercise. It's likely that you're asking how exactly does exercise stop acne? Exercising builds up a sweat. When you exercise, you sweat, and when you sweat, your pores get washed out. However, sweating isn't the only way you can keep your skin clear. After exercising, you'll need to take a shower to wash away the sweat, and this is actually one more reason those who exercise on a regular basis don't usually have a problem with acne. The more often they shower, the more often that their skin remains clean and the pores unclogged.
Water is your skin's best friend. The recommended amount of water is actually 1 ounce for every 2 pounds of your actual weight. When you drink lots of water, your body stays hydrated. More importantly, your skin is well hydrated. In order to maintain the elasticity of your skin, your glands produce oils naturally, but they end up working even harder the drier your skin is. Drinking water helps keep everything hydrated and moist from the inside out. This means there's less oil produced, which in turn means your pores won't get clogged and you won't get zits.
Wash your hair every day. There are debates right now about whether or not daily shampooing is really the best for your hair. Until the experts come up with a definite answer, shampoo your hair once a day. Your hair will just get oily if it doesn't get washed every day. The oil doesn't stop at your scalp. The oil will also reach hair strands. Then your hair touches your face and your back and it transports the oil to your pores. This results in clogs, which then cause pimples. Go for mild shampoo for your hair. Your hair and skin will both be healthy when you do this.
There are all sorts of things you probably think are "too simple" when it comes to properly caring for your skin. How could the basics be great if we're overrun by hundreds of skin care products today? However, these products are selling because they're being heavily marketed by the companies that manufacture them. In order to prevent or treat acne, your best weapon is to get back to the basics. Make sure you implement the basics we've shared in this article to help you fight acne.
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