Edible Oil Pouch Packaging: Protecting Oil from Spoilage

India is one of the largest producers and consumers of edible oil in the world. In India, different varieties of edible oil are consumed, generally depending on the regional preferences and availability.


According to a report by ICPE (Indian Centre for Plastic in the Environment), oil and fat are subject to spoilage due to effect of environmental factors that can affect their stability. Oxygen is the most critical factor affecting stability. The presence of oxygen leads to oxidation and formation of hydro peroxides and peroxides and then aldehydes and ketones resulting in off-odours due to oxidative rancidity. Oil containing high degree of unsaturated fatty acids such as safflower, soya and sunflower are highly prone to oxidative rancidity whereas oils with high degree of saturated fatty acids are less susceptible.

Another important factor which contributes to the deterioration of oil is moisture. Hydrolysis of triglycerides results in formation of glycerol and free fatty acids. Off-flavors occur due to hydrolytic rancidity.

In India, 52% of oil and fats continue to be traded in loose/unpacked form. Traditionally, oil and fats have been packed in 15kg square tinplate containers. However, today, other types of packages like plastic containers, lined cartons and flexible pouches are commonly used.

For edible oil packing, Nichrome is the preferred supplier of oil pouch packing machines. As a renowned, innovative Edible Oil Filling Machine Manufacturer, Nichrome is trusted for its cooking oil filling machines and ghee pouch packing machines that help protect the purity of the product, improve time-to-market, and enhance the retail value of the brand. Nichrome’s Automatic Oil Filling Machine, FILPACK SERVO SMD is a high speed, accurate and hygienic cooking oil packaging machine designed to deliver an impressive 100 packs/min. in 50 ml to 100 ml, 3-side seal pouch formats.

Flexible pouches and modern automatic form-fill-seal packaging technology ensure that the contents are protected from oxygen, moisture and contamination. Other advantages of packaging oil, vanaspati and ghee in flexible pouches are that they are more economical, and easier to transport & shelve than any other available package. FILPACK SERVO SMD packs limited quantities of edible oil, vanaspati and ghee in flexible pouches of 1 kg, 500 g and 200 g capacity. The pouches may be in the form of pillow or stand-up pouches.

FILPACK SERVO SMD may also be customized for pouch size and specialty products.

The VFFS edible oil filling machine is built with an enclosed SS cabinet construction for hygienic operation. UV sterilization of the packaging film is inbuilt. The automatic filling machine has the capability to pack two different products and quantities at the same time, and is suitable for a large range of film with minimal setting. The controller is operator friendly and the machine is totally mechanical with no need for compressed air.

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