Easy Starcraft 2 Zerg Strategy Guide - Shokz Sc2 Strategies Versus Terran, Protoss & Zerg

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Even with this class, avenger drone I will stick to the outsides of the map. There are less ways someone can get behind me and there are usually less people to fight until you get behind them. Fighting in the middle can be effective if you have teammates that can watch your back. But it's a lot easier to run the sides of the map.

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Start your base off by walling in with a Barracks and getting a fast Factory. Make a few Hellions and go harass the Zerg mineral line to slow down his income and teching ability. Then add a Tech Lab onto your Starport, research cloak and make some Banshees. Do as much mineral harassment as possible with your Banshees; kill Queens, avenger drone and key structures if you can.

It works best on very small maps that have a short running distance between bases. It works best against Terran players, but it can also work against Zerg and Protoss depending on the skill of the player. If you're up against Terran your goal is to get into his base before he finishes walling off his ramp. If you do get into his base you'll be able to tear up his economy pretty quickly. Just don't let your Zerglings get surrounded by his workers.

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