Easter and walking contradiction

Well, easter has been pretty lame. We just bummed about doing nothing, i wish i had more money and then i could have gone to Wychwood. I never went to see Gwen on friday obviously coz it was Good Friday, and  shes on holiday next friday so i dont see her again until the 16th, this is a little bit frightening, i know it sounds daft, but it means i wont have been weighed for 3 weeks, so when i do get weighed im gunna be huge :-( I know im putting on weight, i can feel it, and i can see it im really big. But getting weighed every Friday is much better because its more of a gradual thing, but this is gunna be like BAM! 2kgs! or something even more awful :-(
I am officially a walking contradiction, my mum said that she didnt get me an easter egg coz id only throw it up. so i felt left out. and then the maggots mum and dad got me an egg and i felt put out coz im only gunna throw it up. what a wanker. i just wanna be normal. Its not like i couldnt have some non-food thing instead. oh well shit happens im just a moaning fool. The shits so deep you cant run away!
Havent thrown up breakfast for 3weeks and 1day! Hell yeah! and for 1week ive not thrown up before midday! cant be bad :-D And ive started painting my nails up, and i know its stupid, but if i have nice painted nails, im usually in a pretty happy place. Hmmm although im not sure about that, ive got some things on my mind that a freaking me out a bit, but nevermind.