Easiest way of Passing CXC

I think presumably the second most traumatic experience for the normal adolescent Trinbagonian must be anticipating the CXC Math. results (the first being the feared Common Entrance Examination). Presently, I feel I could be quite wrong about this being a traumatic experience for a great deal of understudies. Numerous a year in my residency as an instructor have I been conscious of understudies' defense concerning their CXC Math. outcomes slip. In the dominant part of occasions, scholars are not abashed, humiliated, awed, or disillusioned with their outcomes. Indeed, numerous understudies really accept those subjects in which they have made grade 4. What's more they go about the spot growing such a falsehood.
I discover the sum of this to be very unnerving, aggravating and astounding. There are numerous young people out there who praise the unparalleled subject they may have passed at either CXC Math. General or Basic. It is as though they don't have an inner voice and disappointment to them gives off an impression of being an ordinary and adequate lifestyle. Scholastically, numerous scholars can't "cut it" (possibly socio-monetary components influence execution). The technical/vocational and craftsmanship and art programmes dependably appreciate an improved victory rate in their particular subjects in their last examination. With all the help, preparing and written works that is furnished by the state, one might need that educators, teachers in the scholarly fields, for example, Science, Math’s, Social Studies and English might transform scholars with passes in these subjects at the CXC Math level.
Understudies are coming up short! Are instructors falling flat? Is the educational program coming up short? Are the educational module chiefs working perseveringly as an inseparable unit with their educators? What are the folks doing with their kids? Perhaps, it could be an absence of any sort of motivator other than natural to rouse and make productive and compelling instructional deliverers.
What I do know is, that I abhorrence understudies' clearly apathetic state of mind to Pass CXC or coming up short the CXC Math. EXAMINATION. Doubtlessly, there are numerous homes that support and devise techniques that guarantee people's scholarly victory. Anyway they are in the minority and to be found in the "Semi-Gov't schools". The completely Gov't supported schools can't boast, gloat, contend or guard any case to triumph that is fortunate and deserving of notice, (perhaps just at the "Advanced Level").