E-Juice Add-ons: What You need to Know

For many vapers who are vaping on a budget, being able to mix and customize their own e-juice is a great way to lessen their spending for vaping. If you know how to do it right, not only will you be able to buy and make your own e-juice for a fraction of the cost, youll be able to make a LOT of it. Best of all, youll also be able to tweak the juices so that youll find the exact flavor combination that youre looking for.
Of course, theres really not much you can do to change the presence of vegetable glycol (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) in your e-juice, aside from changing the ratio in your mix. In general, higher VG means youll get thicker vapor, while higher PG means more flavor and stronger throat hit. If you are unsure what kind of ratio you should go with, you can use the normal ratios that you can find in mass-produced juices, which is around 70% VG to 30% PG. From there, you can play around with the ratios to find the right ratio of VG to PG that you are looking for.
Once you get the right base ratio of VG-PG, heres where the fun part comes in: e-juice add-ons! E-juice add-ons refer to substances that you can add to e-juices to either increase the nicotine content, or change and customize the flavor of your juice.
http://calvinkamos.tumblr.com/post/136886565886/why-vaping-works-like-a-charm-in-helping-people - Calvin K Amos - Nicotine is a pretty difficult e-juice add-on to work with, so if youre unsure on how to handle and add nicotine properly, either do your research, or skip this part entirely. Nicotine is a toxic substance when swallowed, or if it comes in contact with your eyes and skin.
Playing around with e-juice flavoring, however, is a lot of fun! In general, you can find three types of flavorings out there: natural, artificial, and mix. Natural flavorings come from natural sources, such as fruits and tobacco, and you can use those to flavor your juices if youre into fruity or tobacco flavors. However, if youre a fan of dessert flavors, you need to opt for artificial flavors. Dessert flavors such as Boston Crme Pie or Tiramisu need to be blended from artificial ingredients. Finally, a mix comes from mixed natural and artificial flavor bases.
Another fun thing to add to your juices are menthol crystals or menthol drops. However, you need to be careful when using menthol drops, because they can be pretty powerful. Menthol drops can immediately overpower your juice flavors, and even make it too cold that it becomes unvapeable. At most, youre looking for a cooling sensation in your mouth, not burn-your-mouth cold. Menthol crystals are slightly easier to work with.
Check out the Internet for great e-juice blending recipes, and start making your own DIY juices at home!