E-cigarette study hints at quit-aid potential

E-Cigarettes: The Last Bastion Of My Analog Life Goes Digital

"The study is very positive in that it shows if you smoke even a low- or medium-strength e-cigarette, you can get some increased quitting and decreased smoking," Dr. Murray Laugesen, a tobacco and nicotine researcher who was not involved with the new study, told Reuters Health. "It also has to be acknowledged that these are good results in people who had no intention of quitting," said Laugesen, a public health medicine specialist at Health New Zealand Ltd in Christchurch. He is also involved in an e-cigarette clinical trial and hopes to present the results in September. Siegel told Reuters Health that what's attractive about e-cigarettes is they can not only provide the nicotine that smokers crave without other harmful substances, they allow people to mimic their traditional smoking behavior. Researchers said that's one reason why e-cigarettes might turn out to be a better form of nicotine replacement therapy than patches and gums, but there's no data yet to prove it. For the original version including any click here! supplementary images or video, visit http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/06/24/us-e-cigarette-idUSBRE95N1C720130624?feedType=RSS

The atomizeralso called a "cartomizer" when the atomizer and liquid nicotine cartridge are housed in the same unitconsists of a heating coil that vaporizes the liquid nicotine and other flavored chemicals. When a person inhales, the atomizer turns the liquid to vapor that can strongly resemble smoke when exhaled. Plenty of variations exist. Some types of e-cigarettes use liquid containers that are fed into the atomizer. Some people use these liquid chambers to hold THC, the primary chemical in marijuana, instead of nicotine. Disposable e-cigarettes consist of a battery unit and cartomizer that are designed to be thrown out after use. Similarly, some e-cigarette Discover Even more Items You Can Add To Your E-Cigarette Experience Exists Parts In E cigarettes batteries use electronic airflow sensors to activate the atomizer during inhalation. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://readwrite.com/2013/07/04/e-cigarettes-last-bastion-analog-life-goes-digital