E-cigarette Sales Surpass $1 Billion As Big Tobacco Moves In

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This August, the largest cigarette maker in the U.S., Altria Group Inc., started selling its MarkTen e-cigs, reports Bloomberg . Imperial Tobacco Group Plc., Europes second-biggest tobacco company, recently announced plans to buy Dragonite International Ltd. (329) s electronic cigarette unit for $75 million. V2 Smokeless cigarette: Smoking in a Better Safer, Effective Method, LEARN MORE AT: http://www.forbes.com/sites/natalierobehmed/2013/09/17/e-cigarette-sales-surpass-1-billion-as-big-tobacco-moves-in/

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Interested smokers of legal age (18 years or older) can submit their entry for free starting immediately at the new website http://ECigaretteGiveaway.com/. "This giveaway is a chance for us to get some great `Vaping` products into the hands of the people who really enjoy them." Said James Oliver, president and founder of smokeless.net. "Whether it`s people who have already made the switch to E Cigs, or smokers looking to try them for the first time, the response from our readers has just been phenomenal." In addition to winning great prizes, every entrant to the contest site will be given an exclusive v2 cigs coupon code for immediate savings on v2 ecigarette products. The Conveniences Of Using A V2 Cigs Coupon., LEARN MORE AT: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/v2-cigs-ex-electronic-cigarette-025901505.html

GHETTO E Cigarettes Post V2 Cigs Coupon Offer, Chance To Save Up To 40% Off Cyber Monday

A top brand in America, V2 Cigs, has an extensive worldwide reach as well. The company recently launched both VSCigs.eu and V2Cigs.cz, cementing their position as one of the top electronic cigarette brands. The thousands of customers around the world are quickly learning that V2 stands high above their competitors for many reasons, one of the most important being high quality products. Available in a range of flavors and styles, all V2 products must pass strict safety and quality control standards. Knowing the Exceptional, Excellent quality V2 Electronic Cigarette, LEARN MORE AT: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/ghetto-e-cigarettes-post-v2-093701124.html

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Customers can visit Ghettophysics.com to gain access to the deal that is the best offered by V2 Cigarettes this year. The additional 10 to 15% in savings easily creates an opportunity that can't be missed, and Ghettophysics founder Thomas Shandy emphasizes on that with his statement: "This is a great opportunity to try out 'Vaping' with the best electronic cigarette company out there. The experience you get from purchasing and using a V2 Electronic Cigarette product is unparalleled to any other e-cig manufacturer. Biggest Cost savings of the Year on V2 E-Cigs., LEARN MORE AT: http://online.wsj.com/article/HUG1746954.html