e-Book on Russian Women (Part 9)

e-Book on Russian Women (Part 9)by: Annas Agency

Russian Women and SexNeedless to say that sex is too personal a matter to analyze and classify it. Nevertheless, it is possible to distinguish a series of peculiarities characteristic of the Russian woman's attitude towards sex.A Russian woman is basically passionate, spirited and impetuous, she gives her full self away to her feeling and will never be content to stop mid-way. However, the historical background of Russia, the Russian set of values formed during the previous centuries, the peculiarities of life in Russia have all constituted the factors that hold the woman back from manifestation of these fine qualities in her sexual life.Firstly, a large number of girls is brought up with sex-is-an-obscenity attitude towards it. For a long time even talking of sex was considered an obscene action. At school classes in human anatomy the teachers with their eyes down and the blush on their cheeks forced out incoherent explanations of genitals and their functions, that added to the aura of indecency around them. And though Russia underwent a sexual revolution in the 1990s, the traditional moral percepts force us by their own momentum to skirt the topic bashfully. Not every mother or father can discuss without unnecessary tension the topic with their children. The latter learn the thing in the street, obtaining the much-desired-for information from their friends which entails lamentable results. The statistical data show that about 15 per cent of Russian girls start their sexual life at the age of 15. They are drawn so much not by the sexual desire as by curiosity or a fear to be abandoned by their lover, or the desire to look adult and mature.Secondly, one can hardly think of a more powerful impediment to a Russian woman's sexuality than Russian living conditions. Often a newly-married couple live with parents in a tiny apartment with almost transparent walls and only one bathroom, or in a separate apartment where they share the only room with their child. The fear to wake up the relatives and the risk to be heard or, even worse, seen while making love impedes a Russian woman from giving herself away to her feeling: she holding her emotions under control which, as it is known, does more harm than good in the sexual intercourse.Thirdly, the man is customarily been considered the head of the family, that's why the woman, whether she is aware of it or not, places all the initiative with the man in what concerns not only the initiation to make love but also the sexual intercourse itself which makes the Russian woman inert and passive in bed.And fourthly, every Russian girl is brought up on Russian classical literature that proclaims bashfulness, purity and innocence of the girl. "Die but don't submit to a kiss without love," is the morals of the classics of the Russian literature. As you can see, sex is put of question here.So what should a man do if he wants to have a Russian woman liberated from the power of these factors and impassioned in her love? Here are some pieces of advice.Do not be too insistent. A Russian woman must feel your sexual desire but needs to know this is not all you want. She appreciates love and is convinced sex is the logical consummation of it, not the beginning.The sexual technique is of little importance for a Russian woman. She loves flirting, courting, prelude. She loves with her ears, hands and lips and you should always remember that.She is fascinated by some sexual rites performed together: such as spreading fresh linen, etc., and by the romantic atmosphere: candles, light music and wine; it helps her break away from the unprepossessing reality and plunge into a magic world of sex.You should be very considerate for a Russian woman during all the time in bed with her, especially after the sexual intercourse. She is so vulnerable that will feel offended if you turn away and fall asleep right after making love, even if you had got her shrieking with pleasure.Do not compare the way a woman, especially Russian, acts in bed with models set up by erotic and porno films. Russian woman is the last person to resemble those seductresses as presented by the producers of hot films. A Russian woman's sexual limits, the range of sexual liberties she permits are rather narrow. You should carefully determine these and try to extend them slowly and without pressure. Otherwise, she will think you are making her a whore or a rubber doll.Do not be surprised by the fact that a Russian woman will invariably decline to have a spontaneous sexual intercourse: on a table, in the elevator, on a landing or in the forest. There are several reasons for that. Firstly, the Russian woman is extraordinarily clean. She may spend quite a time at the bathroom even if she realizes you are impatient to see her: it that she wants to appear before your eyes impeccably clean; the same, by the way, she will require of you as well in return. And secondly, the living conditions of the Russian woman don't provide her with an opportunity to indulge in spontaneous sex, even if she has such a whim: Russian baths are so small and uncomfortable that one will find just enough room to squeeze in there, let alone any mutual strenuous exercise. A semi-automatic washing machine is neither suitable to make love on. The floors are in most cases creaking, so if you decide to make love on the floor, the whole block will be aware of that.And one more remark. Should you make up your mind to give your Russian lover a pretty erotic present, a vibrator for example, before you go on a long trip, be ready to face surprise at the best or even resentment: she will think you do not trust her and mock her bet feelings. A Russian woman accepts only natural sexual tools. You risk facing the same failure to understand, and resentment, if you propose her to participate in an orgy, to invite one more partner to have sex among the three or anything like that, which a Russian woman considers a perversion. Thus, a Russian woman is naturally a sensual and passionate lover, but these qualities are usually blocked by social and moral factors rooted in ancient times. But if you follow the advice given above you will know what she is capable of in love.Russian Women and her HusbandA married Russian woman has her life values arranged as follows: children - husband - relatives - her home - her job. As you can see, husband plays one of the predominant roles in her life. Let us define what husband means to a Russian woman.The husband is HER man, that is a man who makes her feel useful and significant. She doesn't fret about being alone, she doesn't rack her brains over who will accompany her to a party; the expression 'to be married' itself has a literal meaning in Russian 'to follow the husband, to be behind him.'The husband inspires her with confidence in her welfare. In Russia the man has traditionally been considered the bread-winner. The woman feels more secure against major financial http://Kinky-Carmen.blogtur.com - Kinky Carmen - problems when she can count on two wages or salaries to make her family budget.The husband is a regular sexual partner. A Russian woman nowadays, especially those over 25-30 years old, has certain problems with finding a man to establish permanent sexual relations with. This isn't a concern of a married woman.The husband is the father of the woman's children. Russians believe a child must have both mother and father. Although the responsibility to bring up children lies, to a great extent, with the woman, the authority of the father is absolutely indispensable.In brief, the husband is EVERYTHING to a Russian woman. One of my acquaintances says: "He is a lover and a child and a girl-friend to me." This is also proved by the fact that after the wedding the number of female friends of a young wife is considerably reduced: she doesn't need them any more.The husband has traditionally been the highest authority for the Russian woman. She will not go out, nor make major purchases, nor take important decisions without first consulting with him.A Russian woman takes care of her husband as if he were her child: she washes and irons his clothes and cooks delicious meals for him. But such attitude is not a universal trait of Russian women. One can often come across families where the husband washes and cooks for himself while the wife is engrossed with her job or a talk with friends. Families differ; all depends on the relations between the spouses. If they love each other, the woman tries to do her best to manifest her tender love for her husband.A Russian proverb claims 'Wife without husband is like child without mother.' This may be the best symbol to reflect the relation between the Russian woman and her husband.Copyright 2002 2004 Annas AgencyAbout The AuthorAnnas Agency is the leading and most respected Russian Marriage Agency. Annas Agency is the first Russian Marriage Agency to be managed by a team of professional business experts. The owner is married to a Russian womanand is a respected business strategist. Successful efforts to regulate the industry led to the agency being case-studied by an A-rated US business school and led to an elite law enforcement agency forging a relationship with the marriage agency to fight corruption. Annas Agency owns the Miss Russia World Contest. Please go to http://www.annasagency.com for more information or write to info@annasagency.comThis article was posted on April 13, 2004View More Videos from the "Women" category:<< Back to "Women" Index