Dying inside

So my husband and I got into an argument three weeks ago and he said he wanted a divorce now we haven't gotten along very well for a long time and we both got into the bad habit of throwing around the word divorce but never in my life did I think it would actually become real he didn't talk to me for most of those three weeks and now that he has he finally tells me he's done he's miserable and he's already talking to another woman that he has developed feelings for but not sure if she has the same feelings I am so lost I'm hurt I don't know what to do we've been together for 10 years never in my life would I leave this man I've been with him through so much and I feel like he just gave up on me he keeps telling me to meet him at a counselor and that's the only way he'll see me face-to-face to see if there's any chance this marriage can be saved but at the same time he keeps telling me he's already checked out he just doesn't want it the mixed signals are killing me I can't function at work I can't stop crying I barely eat there's a constant pit in my stomach and I shake all day long I don't know how to change my life I don't know how to live alone the things he's said and done to me such as recently telling me that he's not attracted to me because I'm huge hurt but in my head I just want to change it and still be his wife everybody keeps telling me I deserve so much better but for some reason I don't really hear it I constantly feel like I need to be texting somebody because I'm not used to being alone so much in my mind I know he's already moved on but for some reason I'm still holding on to that last little bit of Hope I don't know how to turn my sadness into motivation to pick myself up I just want to crawl in a ball and never get out of bed I don't want to be around people I feel like he's still so much time for me I keep thinking will I ever find somebody else will I ever get the chance to have kids why did he marry me if he wasn't going to work through thick and thin we've been together 10 years but only married a year-and-a-half it makes me wonder did he ever even want to marry me I just don't know what to do with myself