dropping things danger!

Wow! Who would have thought that dropping things so much could be so dangerous!  I was going to put something away yesterday and it dropped out of my hand of course.  I had already opened the cabinet and everything too!  So, I bent down to pick up my dropped item and upon standing up again, BAM!!! I cracked my skull on the bottom of the cabinet door!  The pain was so bad I was crying.  I have a huge goose egg.  I immediately felt dizzy.  So then, I don't know if I am just suffering from vertigo again as I have had vertigo all week long or head injury!  Well, I didn't get sick to my stomach, so I think it was just a mild case of vertigo. 
On the vertigo subject, every time I get vertigo I also get diarrhea.  Have tried to google the symptoms and have come up with autonomic neuropathy.  Not sure about that.  Will discuss with my doc how the vertigo has been.  Maybe he will think of some new tests to put me thru! LOL...oh goody!  I just love tests.  At any rate, my vertigo can feel like the flu with diarrhea, nausea and dizziness.