Dropio app for android

Today, Android has become very popular in the application market mainly because there are several for every purposes. Many mobile manufacturing companies are quite impressed of Google as it has developed in quite a wonderful way.  There are thousands of apps in the market and it is still expanding every day, and each day a new app is launched with more exciting features, which are ready to help iPhone users.  One such app is “Dropio android app”. The main application of this app is to give great deals to the users and hence help them saving a good amount from buying iPhones.   When it comes to mobile operating system, Google’s android operating system is gaining huge popularity. Different operating systems have their own app stores. Also with the development of android apps today we have apps for all purposes including sales, business, entertainment, gaming, etc. A drop is an event where the price drops rapidly from the best online price. You can win a drop, when you choose to buy now you lock in your selected price for the item. For you to receive and share deals with your friends, you will need some friends to share with, and hence you need a Facebook account sign in. The first time you win a drop, you will have 10 min to add in your payment details and complete your order. The next time you win it will be automatic. http://www.dropio.com/