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Clariant Business Unit Reduces Carbon Footprint In Its Supply Chain By 65 Percent

The rules are intended toreplace current ones thatlethobbyists use drones (which can weigh as little as two pounds) but forbidcommercial use such as news photography or search-and-rescue without a special waiver that the FAA rarely grants. The new rules will open the door to more business uses but,according to the Wall Street Journal , the planned law includes serious restrictions such as: Requiring drone operators to have the same commercial pilots license as those required for airplanes Applying the same rules to all drones under 55 pounds, including the popular Phantom models that weigh under 3 pounds Allowing only daytime flights within direct sight of the operator, and that remain under 400 feet Theplanned rules have been met with dismay by drone advocates such as the Small UAV Coalition, a lobby group that represents Google, Amazon and others. I feel like theres a colossal mess coming [The rules are]so divorced from the technology and the aspirations of this industrythat were going to see a loud rejection, the groups executive director, Michael Drobac, told the Journal. The most contentious provision appears to be the one thatwould require drone operators tohave a pilots license. This idea is unpopular not only because of the burden it imposes, but because operating a drone involves a different set of skills than flying an airplane. If you would like to read more: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/drone-entrepreneurs-face-colossal-mess-142533893.html

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iPhone 6 Plus Apple Bigger is better, or so the critics cried, calling for Apple to make a supersized phone. That was before Apple quieted them with the release of the iPhone 6 Plus in September, the companys largest iPhone ever. With an alluring 5.5-inch display that makes it feel something like a portable iPad, the phone is is a challenge to Samsungs larger models. Along with a powerful 8-megapixel camera and longer battery life, the phone is more a statement than an answer. Replay 4. If you would like to read more: http://time.com/3582115/top-10-gadgets-2014/

Top Gadgets 2014: Apple Watch, iPhone 6 Plus, GoPro,

An awareness of the impact of daily business operations is now part of our decision-making process when it comes to determining supply chain movements, says Ochoa. Raising awareness within the supply chain helps us make critical decisions about carefully managing our money and the environment. Clariant is a globally leading specialty chemicals company, based in Muttenz near Basel/Switzerland. On December 31, 2013 the company employed a total workforce of 18,099. In the financial year 2013, Clariant recorded sales of CHF 6.076 billion for its continuing businesses. If you would like to read more: http://www.pollutiononline.com/doc/clariant-business-unit-reduces-carbon-footprint-supply-chain-percent-0001?atc~c=771+s=773+r=001+l=a

Barry Garner stood over the six-burner stove in Kit Wohls test kitchen, lifting lids on cast-iron pots, stirring. He is the latest in a string of half a dozen Tulane students hired to test recipes. Wohls eighth cookbook in her New Orleans Classic series of recipes from favorite restaurants, New Orleans Classic Creole Recipes, has just been published. Wohl sends the complete books - laid-out pages, the photography, everything - to Pelican Publishing, which prints and distributes them. Because she wants the recipes to work for anyone, Wohl hires kitchen novices to test them. If you would like to read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/nov/24/frat-members-test-recipes-for-cookbook-author/?utm_source=RSS_Feed&utm_medium=RSS