Floating so slowly
as if to keep pace with the setting sun
this piece of driftwood
soft and brown
and weathered so well
against all odds
it would make it to shore
you came to me
with a purpose
to show me strength
to warm me should I need that fire
with worn edges
so smooth 
yet so strong
I can hold you
and will not hurt me
you drifted so in rough waters
you came back 
to life
with a purpose
driftwood that did not break apart
that did not splinter under stress
that became stronger
and more beautiful
by the  waters of time
driftwood that
would save me
you were there 



beautiful, kate - great visual also..

Very descriptive, very calm, just beautiful! You aren\'t saying that he\'s your driftwood are you??? If so, what changed???? Or is this just your safety net, of what you need, or are you the driftwood! Sorry I had a hard time interpreting this poem. Please email me and tell me!

of course nothing has changed... wishful thinking. In fact we have fought more and more as of late. I think me trying to hold the family intact for the weeks to come for the sake of gradutation and things is not always best. But I don\'t want to shake things up when we already have enough on our plates. My reference was an old piece of driftwood that I remembered I had... and thinking that someone, somewhere would be there to catch me. Oh well... romance novels are my next forte! Kate