Dress to impress; Fashion chain Lipsy has just launched a stunning range of party dresses in its Tyn

All rights reserved.Pieces from the new high summer collection include a maxi printed Grecian dress, pounds 250, ruched panel dress, pounds 125, and a black and white feather dress, pounds 250.COPYRIGHT 2009 MGN Ltd.No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.The star owns two pieces from Lipsy's VIP collection, a limitededition range, which features capsules frocks guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.READY TO FLY - the VIP feather dress pounds 250 PERFECT IN PINK - two dresses from the limited edition range, left, VIP fan pleated dress, pounds 145, and, right, VIP pleated backless dress, pounds 160 FLOOR THEM - VIP maxi printed Grecian dress, pounds 250 DRESSED TO FRILL - VIP wire frill hem dress, pounds 145The range is an exclusive, premium capsule dress collection designed using luxurious and expensive fabrics. As a result, the dresses are sold at a higher price and there is limited availability When customers of the PSTN make telephone calls, they commonly make use of a telecommunications network called a switched-circuit network. , to reflect their exclusivity.But you don't have to be mega rich to adopt her stylish look.Singers Rihanna and Alesha Dixon are also fans of the range.For more information visit www.lipsy.co.ukThe fashion house has just brought out new editions to the VIP collection, which are stocked in the Lipsy store at the MetroCentre Gateshead. http://www.tbdress.cc/formal-dresses_c89.html - tbdress formal dresses - The VIP collection was launched late last year and flew out of stores within weeks, selling out immediately.SOCIALITE Paris Hilton Editing of this page by unregistered or newly registered users is currently disabled due to vandalism. Beautiful detailing gives a flirty twist to seductive evening wear, from heavy embellishment and ostrich ostrich,common name for a large flightless bird (Struthio camelus) of Africa and parts of SW Asia, allied to the rhea, the emu and the extinct moa. is often applauded for her sense of style and has been snapped in many a stunning party dress.Despite being worth millions and having a designer wardrobe to die for Paris has been spotted out wearing British high street label Lipsy, which is known for it's bright coloured dresses and going out frocks.Byline: LIZ LIZ ElizabethLIZ LisetteLIZ Leather Institute of Zimbabwe LAMBIf it's good enough for Paris.... It is the largest of living birds; some males reach a height of 8 ft (244 cm) and weigh from 200 to 300 lb feather-style trims to tiers of delicate lace. CAPTION(S):Copyright 2009 Gale, Cengage Learning. In a switched-circuit network, devices known as switches are used to connect the caller to the callee