Dortmund With Dortmund Soccer Jersey 2012 Is Very Good In The League

When the referee when jiageman blew the final whistle, Allianz 0:1 is particularly harsh on the stadium scoreboard, which is on Bayern unprecedented humiliation. Dortmund with Germany Soccer Jersey in the main team Double play Bayern Munich last season, Bayern Munich on Saturday night before had hoped to take advantage of home snow, in the championship battle to seize, Gertze at 64 minutes scored again for Bayern Munich star is bleak. Three consecutive League defeat to Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund completed an unprecedented feat. Coach Claud overjoyed after the game: "what Soccer Jerseys if you want to get, you have to play. Dortmund winning magic weapon is not a pretty offensive, but a solid defense. Bayern dominated on the ball, but lacks a Schweinsteiger organization, even with the comeback of Arjen Robben to still the Hummels, Santana and Schmeer strategy defense consisting of nothing. Boss haiyinkesi each other's goals come down to luck: "I think this is a typical would be 0:0 the end of game, Soccer Jerseys without our having a kind of mistake.Arena of Bayern Munich failed to take advantage of opportunities to expand on the competitor's lead, but Dortmund with 2011/2012 Dortmund Home Soccer Jersey will be the difference has narrowed to two points. The World review said: "we now believe, Bayern superiority does not allow the League to become bored. Dortmund proved their ability to become competitors. Not only is Dortmund, menxing and Chark is also consolidating its position, it will be a very exciting season. "Dortmund against contrary Gong" from the League's point of view, there is no more notable than this game ", professional Union Laubal in the game before the game with high expectations, 200 countries around the world broadcast the game, creating a Bundesliga television high point, Laubal specifically prompt says," don't forget, only 194 Member States of the United Nations. "Only Germany coach Joachim has other options, he only sent assistant coach fulikelai test players.On February 26, Dortmund won 3:1 here, be the key to winning the first world war. While Bastian SCHWEINSTEIGER said the game "has long been forgotten", but Bayern's players had been brooding, Captain Lammy said: "last season Soccer Jerseys was the worst in the history of almost a year. And at that time than we already a different team. Germany media expected it would be a good duigong war, but national team coach Joachim may not to the scene to watch the game, is the more sensible choice. Both team's first choice is not lost, so fierce in the 90-minute match, excitement and inadequate. Dortmund out of the way put on the defensive, the del and Kyle actively Tackling destroyed Bayern Munich in the midfield with attacking organized, Soccer Jerseys which leads Bayern frontcourt mistakes in the passing rate is very high, Dortmund with Dortmund new Jersey in the first half and did not get a true opportunity. Under such a stalemate, Bayern's defenses before there have been mistakes. 64 minutes, Kagawa was Secretary of the pass on the badeshitubeier leg up, preventing older Boateng has curated not found staring at the ball position, Gertze easily choushe into the net. Older Boateng is angry to himself: "I didn't see the ball go a bit, let cure jumped a step. Coach Klopp said, "we forced opponents many times to pass, then we will attack from succeeding at the crucial moment. The Frankfurt report commented:" today Dortmund, like Bayern Munich in the past, was always able to score under tough environment. "Despite facing out in the Champions League, but Dortmund with Dortmund Soccer Jersey 2012 is very good in the League, maintaining seven undefeated, got 19 points.%D%A