Don't let the Man get you down

I am concerned about the outcome of the UK Election. The Tories are Hell-Bent on turning Britain into an American-Style Police State. However, in the spirit of both recovery and my faith, all I can do for the Government is to pray for them as a resentment of mine.
On a more positive note, I got my car back and will staying up late tonight for a Step 5 in DA with my Co-Sponsor there. Hopefully I can then work Steps 6 and 7 both in DA and UA.
I am grateful for the infinite sources of help available to me. Now I'm listening to an OA speaker share from an Italian New Yorker now living in LA. I rarely listen to anything OA-related online. Perhaps I need to make a greater connection with other compulsive eaters. (when I hear the story of a debtor or underearner I immediately connect)



did you even read what messenger said..? without voting you have no right to ever talk about politics again....I were neglecting your duty as a citizen so please neglect talking about things you had no concern to do anything about at the polls....