Dolomite grinding mill to expand the scope of dolomite application

Dolomite is a hydrochloride salt minerals are trigonal system , a common iron dolomite and manganese dolomite , dolomite crystal structure as calcite, with complete cleavage and rhombohedral crystals that hardness is low, stable performance, in building materials, ceramics , glass, refractories , chemicals , agriculture, environmental protection, energy and other fields have a very wide range of applications .Dolomite in these areas are generally used as admixtures used, which requires the application of dolomite must appear in powdered form, which gives dolomite grinding mill processing equipment - dolomite mill provides a huge play space, as dolomite direct processing equipment, choose natural dolomite grinding mill is also very critical of its performance and processing results will directly affect the application of effects and applications dolomite late .In the specific choice of dolomite grinding mill , the processing can be determined depending on the yield, grinding fineness requirements , the European version of the grinding mill (0.2-0.033mm), overpressure trapezium grinding mill (1.6-0.045m, most fine of up to 0.038mm), vertical milling machine ( 80-425 mesh ) , medium-speed micro-grinding ( 325-3250 mesh ) and other devices are dolomite powder and superfine powder processing equipment of choice , they yield different , which yields the maximum vertical grinding mill ; European coarse grinding coarse dolomite is undoubtedly the most suitable processing equipment, which yield, fineness adjustable between 0-3mm specific reference to a detailed comparison of the series grinding mill parameters.Currently, dolomite dolomite grinding mill equipment has become the first choice in the field of grinding process equipment used in the main origin of dolomite are very extensive , and the effect is remarkable, after the processing of dolomite powder fineness of uniform, high -pass sieve for customers to create a considerable economic benefits .