Dogs Found Mauling Dead Man In Mendocino County

An animal control officer arrived and saw a rottweiler and a pit bull standing over the man's body. The officer yelled at the dogs to get their attention and the rottweiler "aggressively charged at the officer," Van Patten said. The officer fired his gun twice, hitting the dog at least once. The rottweiler ran a short distance and died. The pit bull fled the scene and wasn't found. Article:

Orla Kiely rains cats and dogs at cute London show

You'll always come home to find them waiting patiently for your return, tail wagging; not canoodling with somebody else. #9 Dogs Don't Care if You Put on a Few Pounds Hey, the more you weigh, the more of you there is to cuddle with. Bringing us to our next point... #8 They Love to Cuddle When was the last time a boyfriend just wanted to spend the evening cuddling? Plus, dogs are cool with public displays of affection. Article:

10 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Boyfriends

Associated Press CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) The failure of the United Auto Workers to unionize employees at the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee underscores a cultural disconnect between a labor-friendly German company and anti-union sentiment in the South. Associated Press A former Miami Dolphins lineman identified as one of the targets of harassment in the racially charged bullying scandal said Saturday that he has no problem with the team in a statement released by his agent. Associated Press30 mins ago Olympics: Earth's most political apolitical event SOCHI, Russia (AP) Each time an Olympics approaches, the ideal is articulated once more: The true spirit of the games, those who oversee them say, brings humanity together to promote amity and athletic excellence. It is most certainly not a place for the affairs of nations and vested interests to play out on a global stage. Article: