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Life Span: 10-13 years although, some have lived to be 15.Litter Size: 4-7 puppies are found in a typical litter with an average litter of about 5 pups.Group: The American Foxhound is a member of the hound group, also known as scent hounds in the UK. ecognized By: CKC, FCI, AKC, ANKC, NKC, NZKC, APRI, ACRColor: Any colour is acceptable in this breed, but most. are pie-balled with a splotch of black on the back and white legs accented with tan on the trunk.Hair Length: MediumSize: LargeShedding: Moderate ShedMale Height: 22-25 inches (56-64cm)Male Weight: 70-75 pounds (30-34kg)Female Height: 21-24 inches (53-61cm)Female Weight: 65-70 pounds (29-32kg)Living Area: Foxhounds require regular access to the outdoors. They don't do well at all when they're kept indoors all the time and can really use a back yard or somewhere to run free. Best of all is a place where they can be allowed access to interesting terrain they can run through. Well-exercised foxhounds are far easier to discipline and train.About this Breed The American Foxhound is very similar to its British cousin which dates back to the 13th century. Both look a great deal like a big and tall beagle though, the American foxhound is a bit taller and thinner. Of course, all the fox hounds are very closely related and share many common traits. In fact, other than size, they are very similar in appearance and temperent to the somewhat more familiar black, white and tan beagle.Bred to accompny their masters on the hunt, the American Foxhound is known for its stamina and shrewd nose. They were once used to chase and flush game while their masters remained on horseback ready to dispatch the fleeing beasts. Should they catch it, they very rarely maul their quarry in the course of a hunt, preferring the chase itself.Their demeanor is cheerfull and, as such, they make wonderful family dogs provided they have enough room to run around and expend some of their excess energy. They are also very pack oriented, and will readily call a human family its own and demanding daily affection.The breed standards describe a dog that conveys easy and graceful movement with every step. The head tends to be long and somewhat domed on top. Their large, floppy ears are carried to the side and tend to frame the face unless angry. A foxhound's tail should be held high and slightly curved upward without actually curling over the top of his or her backside.The coat is well formed and close but also, thick and corase, for deep woods action. American Foxhounds with espeically soft coats vary from the accepted breed standard and are susceptible to getting bits and bobs stuck in their coat while running through the under story.Foxhounds have very tall legs - taller than any other member of the foxhound sub-group - and they are able to run through thick woods for hours before tiring. Their stamina is one trait that separates them from their English cousins. Today, they are widely distributed throughout the Southeatern United States and very often used for several different types of hunting.