Does Your Residence Have a Bad Odor ? It's Time to Clean the Septic Tank

You could have the finest house in the world, but if it smells bad, you won't enjoy living there until you a remedy it. Have one of the companies that specializes in septic tank pumping Atlanta homeowners call most often, to check and see if your septic tank needs cleaning. If it has been over two years since you had the tank cleaned, it's probably full. Depending on the size of your family, septic tank companies recommend having tanks cleaned every two to three years. Naturally, some people push the amount of time, and procrastinating only makes the problem worse. As soon as the home gets an odor to it, it becomes an emergency situation.

When septic tanks are working properly, waste from the home is flushed into the tank where solids are consumed by tiny aerobic bacteria that actually thrive in it when they digest the waste material. The remaining liquid waste makes its way to a drain field that has gravel and sand surrounding pipes that are perforated. Septic tanks are a very interesting subject, for the simple reason, that what began as human waste has been digested by a bacteria. Remaining liquid flows through the perforated pipes, and by the time it reaches the ground water, because of the gravel, sand and additional bacteria, the water is clean.

The remainder of the sludge left in the tank will need to be pumped out by one of the companies that specializes in homemakers call when they need service. These companies also repair septic tanks, along with drain field remediation gainesville residents often need help with. Sometimes the leech field pipes get so clogged that they won't allow the remaining liquid waste to drain out of the perforations. This results in a sewer line backup into the home's basement, and the homeowner and family may have to get out of the house for awhile until the tank is cleaned.

The best advice any septic tank cleaning company can give a homeowner suffering the trauma of a sewage backup lawrenceville residents have experienced themselves, is to "have your tank cleaned regularly." Putting it off won't help at all and will just make matters more expensive and difficult. Most homeowners forget about a system under the ground of their homes that is extremely important. They forget that the home is like a person, and its digestive system must be taken care of properly. When the digestive system isn't working properly, it gets sick and has to have help by someone that knows exactly what to do.