does it get better?

Wow, is all I can say. Last weekend (the first of march) water pipe problems in my homeThis past weekend (2nd weekend in march) truck problems Today a bomb threat at my son's school... Does it get better? I mean seriously folks.. It's a crazy world for me.  Tomorrow my dad goes to a surgeon because of a botched 2 surgeries last year, my mom goes Thursday (I'm driving) to an eye surgeon for cataracts (however you spell it) and HOPEFULLY I'll be having a 10 hour day (6 spent driving)...   It's sooooo hectic, but I'm smiling, and the truck seems to be fixed for the time being (hopefully we fixed the REAL problem and it's good to go for awhile), the water pipes are fixed, and the bomb threat was probably a hoax by some bored kid... So all in all the world is well... In my world anyway... The biggest thing I'd change is my guy being at home where he belongs..... But since we don't control that.... We survive until we do control it..   I'm in a much better place then I was the other day..