Does Cold Laser Therapy Really Work to Quit Smoking

Does Cold Laser Therapy Really Work to Quit Smoking?
While popular in Europe and Canada for over 22 years, laser smoking cessation treatments have only gained popularity in the US for about 5 years.Clinical trial studies are currently being conducted in the US, with several cold laser manufacturers. One manufacturer has submitted substantial clinical trial records to the FDA for possible clearance. If approved, it will be the first laser in the US to be cleared as a quit smoking laser best mango flavored e juice, making it an approved medical device.It is now relatively easy to become smoke free with just one or sometimes two, fast, painless and non-invasive cold laser treatments. Some cold laser clinics are boasting an 85+ percent success rate for smoking cessation. Even with an apparent lack of fully accepted, FDA approved data, tens of thousands of smokers have given their two thumbs up to this method of treatment for over two decades. With over 46 million smokers in the US, there is no doubt that people will be lining up in groves once these quit smoking laser treatments become mainstream. Lighting up while driving, after eating, after sex, and when stressed, nervous or bored, has a calming effect that smokers expect and enjoy. Thanks to a rush of endorphins such as dopamine and serotonin, smoking can make you feel good, however due to nicotine it can be highly addictive.The Curse & "Cure" of the Nicotine Addiction.The addictive components of smoking cigarettes are tri-fold: physical, mental and emotional. The cold laser treatment addresses the physical addiction most effectively, through its stimulation of the secretion of endorphins. It also exhibits a balancing and calming effect on the body and mind, which lingers sometimes for weeks. The most effective laser addiction treatment clinics offer support and incorporate a rounded program, which also addresses the mental and emotional components of smoking, including relationship to foods, caffeine, alcohol and costs associated with smoking vs. saving.The highly addictive act of smoking cigarettes bombards the body with over 6000 chemicals, tars, odors, carcinogens and toxins that contribute to it being an extremely high health risk. The facts are in and the results show that cigarettes are the cause of over 1,200 deaths daily in the US, or 438,000 deaths annually. To prevent or avoid disease and premature death, quitting smoking is the #1 best decision one can make. Smoking Cessation Options:The options for helping to quit smoking include tiramisu e liquid, pills, patches, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, counseling and cold laser therapy. All of these methods will work to some degree, however growing evidence suggests that cold laser therapy offers an impressive 85% success rate. The suggestion that laser smoking cessation therapy lacks supportive scientific data has been shot down by the thousands of satisfied, now ex-smokers. Many people who were two or three pack a day smokers for 20-40 years report that they were able to easily quit smoking after just one laser treatment. Laser smoking cessation has been used at a steadily increasing rate throughout the world for over 22 years. Perhaps the tobacco companies are playing a role in preventing such an effective method from becoming mainstream in the US. After all, who has the most to lose by it being easy to quit smoking?The Smoking Cessation Process with Cold Laser Therapy.To quit smoking with cold laser therapy is easy. Here is how it is done. You find a certified cold laser clinic, pay an agreed upon fee of generally $195 to $400, and fill out an informed consent form that shows that you are participating in a clinical trial study. An Investigational Review Board (IRB) keeps track of many clinical trial studies. It's the studies, which are what will eventually make it possible for the FDA to finally start approving laser therapy for quitting smoking, as a medical device for mainstream use. It's only a matter of time before using lasers for smoking cessation will be commonplace worldwide.Now back to the treatment room. Just sit back in a comfortable chair and relax as a trained laser clinician treats key acupuncture points of the ear, face, hands and wrists. The treatment is completely painless and the laser is extremely safe, often referred to as a cold laser because it produces a specific laser beam at an intensity that will never heat or damage tissue. The procedure is quite calming and only takes about 30 minutes to perform. The points used are based on the 5000 year-old practice of Chinese acupuncture, however when treated with the correct type of laser, gives smoking cessation results in often one or two treatments rather than 6-10 treatments with needles.
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