doctor visit

I had an appointment last Wednesday with a different rheumatologist than the one I had before. He has been the best doctor I have had in 6 years. He pulled out his medical books and showed me. Showed me pictures of my illness, read to me and explained the medications.
I was very young when I was diagnosed therefore I didn't know what I had. Frankly, after all these years I just now feel ready enough to do the research on my own. For many years I suppressed all the feelings I had inside. I made up my mind that I was "fine" and nothing was wrong with me. I wanted to be normal. I wanted to be loved and accepted so I pushed all thoughts out of my mind...until I couldn't take it any more. The end of junior year in high school I finally broke. Life was changing. A few close friends were graduating and going off to college. I was going off to Pittsburgh by myself for a summer program (I had never been away from my family, or out of the state of FL alone) so 6 weeks at CMU was a BIG transition. It made me feel EVERYTHING. all of my emotions rose to the surface and my life changed.
so back to my visit to the doctor. these last 6 years I have been on prednisone and plaquenil but i believe my body has become resistant to it because recently it had not been working for me very well. It was not reducing the inflammation and redness anymore. So this new doctor prescribed different meds for me. I'm hoping they work. This new doctor also asked me if I wanted to consider reconstructive plastic surgery. By my next appointment (next month) I want to have an answer for him. a yes or a no. I had surgery (skin graft) done on my nose in 2006. It was awful and frightening. It was painful and the results were not at all what I expected. It did help a little but I still have many scars. So these next few days I will be doing research about different procedures. That way this time I will know what I am getting myself into.