Do It Yourself

Create your own wedding stationery is a DIY approach which goes with theme and suits your D day perfectly. Receiving an invitation personally made by the bride or groom makes the guest feel extremely special.
Before making your own stationery, the first thing to do is to be realistic about how much youd like to make, and how much time you have. If youre having a wedding with a relatively small guest list and have plenty of time, creating your own stationery could be an excellent idea.
If youre inviting hundreds of guests and only have two months before your big day; youll be better off sticking with a personalized range made to your order. But that doesnt mean you cant make other items of the stationery.
Personalized stationery is an added advantage, where you can add a token of love with cherished memoirs for your loved ones.
Its not only about cherishing; you can also divide the responsibilities and assign the same for the upcoming wedding which reduces your stress and helps you simply unwind and enjoy the Us time with your closed ones.
Get Creative:
Firstly try making a sample and calculate how long it takes you to make the creative.
The key thing to remember is that you dont need to make each and every item of stationery just one prototype is fine.
Its also important to assess your creativity. If youre an artistic person, decide to try something relatively challenging. But, If the last piece of artwork you created was at primary school, nows not the time to try your hand in complicated works.
Simplicity is the key. Once youve decided what youre going to create, start practicing and create as soon as you can. The more time you give yourself, the more youll enjoy it.
The Benefits Of Creating Your Own Stationery
You showcase your creativity and artistic skills to create unique designs.
Youll have the chance to create an unusual design or wording format that you might not find in a personalized stationery range.
Getting creative is fun. Evenings spent with bridesmaids making cards can be a fun part of the wedding planning. Imagine how special your guests would feel to know that they hold a labor of love and time in their hands! This not only makes your wedding stationery unique but also something to be retained and as a memory to be cherished.
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