Do I need to see a doctor? (embarrassing/adult content)?

This is humiliating, but I had a bit of an incident whilst I was- (oh god how do I put this) using an 'adult' toy that was larger in girth than I was used to, and I'm afraid I got a bit overzealous upon initial insertion, and I felt some painful tearing inside. Upon removal, blood began to seep from my lady-parts. Now, I can't be certain, because I was in the shower at the time and you know how water makes it look like there's more blood than there is, but I bled what I would estimate to be around - Punished Angels - 2 tablespoons of blood, and what seemed like a small amount of tissue as well. I had just finished menstruating a few days prior, so it wasn't that. I cleaned myself as best I could, used a sanitary napkin, and went to bed. This was monday night. I have still been experiencing some light bleeding (similar to spotting) the entire time, and my clam is still very tender. Should I see a doctor? Or should I give my body more time to heal itself? I would really rather avoid having to tell this story to someone's face.