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STORY HIGHLIGHTSMyanmar is opening up to foreign visitorsThere are lots of ancient treasures and quite a few tourists are now discovering this south-east Asian countryHighlights consist of the Shwedagon Pagoda, the Colonial buildings in the city of Yangon and BaganEditor's note: CNN's On the Road series explores the culture, heritage and customs of a nation, covering well known culture, food and drink, design and style and architecture, sport, technology and innovation. This month, we bring you greater insight into Myanmar, revealing the areas, the men and women and the passions special to this intriguing south-east Asian nation. Watch the episodes at 2300 on October 23 and 24, October 26 at 0930 and October 27 at 0800 (all instances GMT). Courtesy Ye Aung Thu/AFP/Getty PhotosThe architectural heritage of Yangon is wealthy and evidence of the former British Empire is practically at just about every corner. Buildings from the colonial era stretch out across the city, telling stories of a time extended gone.Yangon has one particular of the highest number of colonial period buildings in all of south-east Asia, built throughout the British rule in Burma, which lasted from 1824 to 1948. Buildings like the City Hall, the former High Court and Strand Hotel attract several visitors.But these iconic buildings are under threat, since renovating and preserving their crumbling facades is pricey. The Yangon Heritage Trust is attempting to make certain these buildings never meet a bulldozer, so the country's past can be maintained.1 building in certain could be noticed as the monument to Myanmar's political rebirth.The Secretariat, the Minister's building for the duration of the British rule, has been standing empty for years, but played an critical function - - in the history of Myanmar. This is exactly where the leaders of the independence movement in the late 1940s have been assassinated -- among them Common Aung San, the father of Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar's Nobel laureate, and a former political prisoner.That her father lost his life in the assassination area is one particular of the motives why the Secretariat could now be preserved. "I consider just a couple of years ago this was not on the agenda at all and I consider we have been in true danger," says chairman of the Yangon Heritage Trust, Thant Myint-U.Read more: Quick details about Myanmar's historyBagan, ancient city in the Mandalay regionShwedagon PagodaCourtesy Nicolas Asfouri/AFP/Getty ImagesA journey by means of Myanmar inspires silence. And there is a single journey in unique that in the 19th century inspired young poet Rudyard Kipling to create his poem "On the Road to Mandalay".Traveling along the lifeblood of the nation -- the river Irrawaddy -- feels like being on a trek back in time. Along the river there are fishing villages where life hasn't changed for decades. The cruise along the river gets you to areas not so quickly reached by car or truck or rail.But there is one particular destination that leaves each and every visitor breathless -- Bagan.Bagan is an ancient city situated in central Myanmar, in the region of Mandalay. Considered 1 of the world's most spectacular and important archaeological web sites, it consists of more than 2000 pagodas and temples constructed by the kings of Bagan among the 11th and 13th centuries.Marcus Allender, founder of travel web-site for Myanmar, Go-Myanmar, wants to simplify travel to - - the country."[This] is a nation that's had massive shifts more than the previous 1000 years and there are dozens of ancient capitals, Bagan becoming the most famous 1. There are loads of them and there is just so much to discover," Allender says."And then when you get the Buddhism going via that, it is a deeply religious country, [with] all the pagoda's everywhere. It tends to make it unique" - travel from hue to hoi an -