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Dr Asa Andrew is an MD in Hospital Training. He is a graduate from Florida State University and serves as Diplomat at American Clinical Board of Nutrition.Dr. Asa Andrew is the founder of an NGO called Diagnosis Hope. It aims at encouraging lifestyle, health & wellness education among people. He is also an active member of a few clubs and associations like America College of Lifestyle Medicine, America College of Nutrition and National Strength and Conditioning Association.Dr. Asa Andrew has an incredible gift of compassion and communication with people. His comprehensive use of health care in looking at the whole person; his body, mind and spirit, is a true pathway towards healing for this present generation and is a true change-agent for them.Dr. Asa has created an amazing system to evaluate one's health. He is educated in all areas of health, wellness and medicine. He has integrity, desire and passion towards helping people. Dr. To see the original post as well as other other graphics or videos, proceed to the link aboveAsa possesses a unique ability to inspire others to live better, to be better and achieve a healthier life. Dr. Asa Andrew has a fantastic attitude towards helping others and is truly a blessing to the lives of many.Throughout the ages people have been searching for the fountain of youth. But a very few of them realize that its been inside our bodies all along. We just have to learn how to tap into it. In Empowering Your Health, the best-selling book of Dr. Asa, he presents a common-sense lifestyle approach for taking responsibility of ones health. These ideas are based on his Health Triangle that helps you develop the three most important elements for living a long and healthy life.MENTAL: includes brain functions, your attitude, how you cope up with life and how you manage your stress levelsCHEMICAL: which includes blood chemistry, hormonal functions and nutritional levelsSTRUCTURAL: that includes muscular, skeletal and nervous systems and their role in optimal healthBy this you will discover how to:Empower your own genetic make-up and avoid the most frequent health challengesInclude the vitamins and minerals specific to your body chemistry in your dietLose all the unwanted weight and feel more energeticBalance essential hormones in your body that help you look and feel almost twenty years youngerRemove all the deadly chemicals and thus detoxify your bodyDr Asa Andrew, a nutrition and wellness specialist has also developed a particular food plan, The Anti-Inflammatory Diet which aims to help people fight against the effects of todays way of life on their health.About the Author:Dr. Asa Andrew, America's Health Coach, is a host of radio and television talk show "Dr. Asa ON CALL". Asa is internationally renowned as proficient doctor in the field of wellness, integrative health and nutrition. You can learn a lot about healthy life style from Dr. Asa Andrew. href='' - -