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Aug. 18 marked the 94th anniversary of the 19th Amendment's ratification (amendment XIX) that established a rule across all states that would guarantee women's voting rights. This was a big win for the women's suffrage movement, which had been going on for decades. The movement began in 1848 in Seneca Falls, New York. There, hundreds of attendees were drawn by the convention's call that touted "a convention to discuss the social, civil, and religious condition and rights of woman.' After the convention, supporters of the women's suffrage movement worked diligently for 50 years in order to educate the public about the validity of their cause.
In school, a young woman makes friends and gets involved in activities. People get to know her by talking with her and seeing the activities she chooses to become involved with. If she joins the cheerleading squad, she would likely be athletic and extroverted, while joining the newspaper staff would indicate that she is interested in writing and is likely to be somewhat introverted. She becomes popular and makes more friends as she continues through school.
To match the world standard, the Indian schools are also introducing new methods in the school curriculum. It is often noticed that children from different parts of the country face grave difficulties in the schools because of their cultural and linguistic diversity. To meet the needs of these diverse learners, the schools are coming up with new strategies that help them in uniting the children and making them academically sound. Teachers are the persons who can bridge this communication gap among the students. The first and most common difficulty that students face is language. This is most commonly seen among students whose parents have a transferable job. The best way to deal with such an issue is to use a common language that all the students can understand inside and outside the classroom. The Internet is also a great way of cultural exchanges. So students should be introduced to the world of internet so that they can learn about different cultures of the world. This helps in breaking the iceberg that can prevent the students from communicating with each other.
various movements of fighters. They can either be described as freedom fighters or as terrorists. By having different discourses to describe a specific thing or a specific topic, each of the chosen discourses delivers the style, the expression or even the vocabulary required to communicate. Since in most cases discourse is used to define reality itself, it is closely associated with different theories of state and power. Michel Foucault discusses the concept of discourse from four different perspectives, that is, modernism, structuralism, postmodernism and feminism as discussed below.
Pen pals can look for friends of any race, nationality, age, education, sex, etc. They are looking for different cultures and religions. Pen friends are not just writing letters and send through postal mail, they also email each other and use other mean to communicate. As we live on this modern century, online friends are popular because they usually communicate with each other just through the online way, email. They write emails and answer by emails. These people prefer the free penpal sites to find their pen friends. They prefer the Internet to make new friends. They can learn from each other by language, society, economics, etc. Even children can make pen friends online if they know how to use computer. This is one of the most convenient way to find pen pals online these days.
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