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%A%9%9 My daughter Sofia celebrated her 13th birthday party yesterday, and I cans choice and coach wallet I wanted her individuality to shine through in the event. The guests were allowed to dress up in whatever color semi-formal wear they wanted. However, as anyone can expect, most of Sofia I wore a pink strapless gown while my hubby came in a pink long sleeves and white pants. The whole skirts dress room looked really dreamy and feminine with all the pink decoration. Sofia skirts dress and I planned pretty much everything in the party. So the program as well as the games were mostly about things that Sofia enjoyed and are very fond of. Since we only invited people who are close to our family and to my daughter, they can relate to the activities in the party and were happy to see our Sofia celebrate a milestone in her life. A lot of people were awe-struck when Sofia changed into her pink ballroom gown when it was time for the cotillion. She further amazed them when she danced the waltz with so much grace and elegance. Her dad and I were really proud of her. However, of all the events in party, the opening of gifts was the most memorable woman suits to me. I wanted to give my daughter something skirts dress I know she would truly appreciate, so I bought her a Discount Juicy Couture bag on eBay; a pink NWT Ruched Bowler Handbag Bag. The bag didn.%A%9%9%D%A