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Getting published What do you do when your writing is complete and youre ready to show off your work? If you write a great paper with a compelling argument and conclusion, then others will want to share your work. Being cited for your work in journals, books, editorials, and more is like having parts of your website shared on Facebook, individuals discussing what you do in blogs, or talking about what a great job you have done on Twitter. If youre lucky, you can talk about your work with those who have read it as well, engaging on social media and more to keep customers (and search engines) interested. Page 3 of 3 - Teachers look for certain pieces in a term paper just like a search engine looks at certain aspects of a website to determine its grade. The more of these factors that come together, the better your website will be graded and you may even get published (with top result on the first page)! And, as with any term paper, spelling counts, plagiarism hurts, and how well you can connect your thoughts helps!

One effective way to do this is by pairing every digital option on offer with a success story. 3. Create Mock-Ups to Explain Digital Editions One effective idea to consider is actually creating a four- or five-page mock-up of a digital edition to show advertisers, immediately getting to the heart of the matter and showing them the cool things theyad be able to do inside of that digital edition: what it looks like to embed a video, how easy it is to link to their website, how they can integrate slide shows, lead-generation forms, and so many other things. 4. Show Risk-Adverse Advertisers What They Can Expect At the very beginning, itas good to show the advertiser what they can expect. Often expectations are left by the wayside, and advertisers arenat given the opportunity to accurately understand what theyare going to receive in terms of performance. One should show them sample reports and explain what they can expect in terms of results.

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The deal will see SocialFlow create tailored distribution solutions for DigitasLBi clients and create new advertising vehicles bringing together owned, earned, and paid content. SocialFlows unique algorithm-based technology, which distributes content at the moment when audiences will be most receptive to it, will be available to DigitasLBi clients as part of the agreement. Were thrilled to be partnering with DigitasLBi on our first large-scale deal with an agency. This partnership puts a stake in the ground for the industry to stop talking about bringing together teams, budgets, and disciplines, and to start doing it, said SocialFlow CEO, Jim Anderson . By combining our technology with DigitasLBis integrated approach, we can deliver customized solutions that truly scale for some of the largest brands in the world.