Diet recipes for weight loss
Barley rice porridge
Cooking procedures:
1 , brown rice and barley with h2o to scrub, then stuffed inside a thoroughly clean container .
two, the amount of drinking water in to the pot and pour cleanse barley and brown rice , cooked with fire started .
three , when the water boiled , when reduced warmth to carry on cooking boil , realizing barley and brown rice porridge are rotten type to date you are able to consume.
Efficacy: the nutritional worth of medicinal substances contained in barley TCM , this material can not merely enable qi, blood , and to the elimination of edema, there was a marked effect. Thus , barley can accumulate in the body of excess drinking water quickly ruled out , alleviate edema phenomenon. And moreover to your rich brown compound can accelerate the metabolic process of vitamin addition , brown rice is also wealthy in nutritional fiber could be the physique of residual squander in the body , so the reduce physique to minimize fat accumulation, so as to attain fantastic Skirt purposes.
Rejuvenation skinny soup
Cooking methods:
1 , prepared for the ideal level of pork , longan , lotus seeds along with the Gorgon and also other materials, also as correct seasoning .
two Clean the pork cut into parts, then after again the hot boiling h2o .
three, in the pot, place the ideal level of drinking water, and then make use of the hearth to boil h2o .
four, inside the boiling h2o, include all of the materials immediately after re- boiling water right into a small fire.
After 5 , and proceed to cook dinner more than minimal heat 2 to three hrs , together with the ideal amount of seasoning can be eaten.
Efficacy: This soup is rich inside a variety of wealthy vitamins , enable men and women lose fat nutritional supplements , even though also correctly has the urge for food, but also for the elegance of elegance has a particular impact. Within this soup , longan has good lipid-lowering perform , but also for that diuretic inflammation also possess a quite substantial role , so you can make the reduced physique edema particular degree of relieve. Wealthy alkaline substances contained in the lotus can efficiently keep the amount of acid within the physique , allowing digestive working . So general, this soup can perform the role of qi and blood and advertising blood circulation , so youll be able to proficiently shed reduced body excess fat.