Diet program by vegetable and fruit

Tomatoes contain lots of pectin, persimmon plastic phenol, and Soluble astringent and so forth components, which could easily react with acid to kind badly soluble lumps, These lumps can block the export from the stomach, therefore result in pressure escalating and people will feel stomach discomfort caused by acute gastric dilatation.
Consider Persimmons when abdomen will not be great, as when stomach is vacant, it includes lots of stomach acid, it could be conveniently react using the gum, pectin and soluble convergence that contained inside the persimmon, cause stomach diospyrobezoar disease and causing chest discomfort, nausea, vomiting, gastric dilatation, stomach gastric perforation, ulcers, as well as stomach bleeding and also other disorders.
Prune contains loads of pectin and tannin, that is easy to mix using the human body acid to kind abdomen lumps. So it cant be taken considerably when stomach is empty, Specially not consume too much before likely to bed, people today struggling with continual gastrointestinal ailments is ideal not to eat.
Bananas include lots of magnesium; get many bananas when abdomen is empty will produce a unexpected improve inside the level of magnesium within the blood, causing the imbalance of magnesium and calcium in blood, magnesium, inhibiting the cardiovascular and never superior for wellness
Orange contains substantial amounts of sugars and organic acids, get oranges when hungry will promote the gastric mucosa, resulting in gastric acid increasing, producing the stomach complete of nausea and heartburn.
The high sugar content of fresh litchi lychee can make it promote the gastric mucosa if it is taken when hungry, triggering stomach pain, bloating. And eat excessive contemporary litchi will occur "hyperosmolar coma" because the body is suddenly penetrated the extra sugar