Diet food in yellow assist to drop excess weight

Yellow meals includes more carotene and nutritional fiber . Carotene inside the physique soon after conversion to generate vitamin A, can guard the intestinal, respiratory mucosa, decreasing the event of gastritis and also other ailments, but also to shield the skin getting older. Nutritional fiber can enhance satiety, promote gastrointestinal motility, weight loss and constipation have a good effect.

1st, corn
Corn could be the health share of coarse grains, its high fiber content material, can promote peristalsis and accelerate fecal excretion is lower blood lipids, managing constipation, elegance beauty, the ideal meals to prevent colon most cancers. Corn has diuretic antihypertensive effect. Carrot higher levels of vitamin A, can market the bodys normal development and copy, to prevent respiratory infections, guard vision, have anti-cancer impact.
Recipe: wolfberry multicolored corn soup
one, medlar washed soaked, pineapple, carrots, peeled, diced, corn, peas clean up.
2, pot add some drinking water, down in to the corn, sweet peas cooked.
3, then include oatmeal to boil, pan, include pineapple tablets.

Second, pumpkin
Pumpkin is Jianweixiaoshi grasp, which consists of pectin can shield the gastrointestinal mucosa from rough meals stimulation, suitable for people with stomach human use. Moreover, squash ingredients also assist digest meals.

Recipe: Pumpkin millet pink bean porridge
Strategy: Clean and reduce the old pumpkin good, significant, millet porridge scouring the web, when boiling add pumpkin, until cooked porridge.
Efficacy: porridge will be the very first human health products, quickly digested and absorbed, this porridge moisture 5 inner organs, qi and blood, in particular to the weak stomach more mature. Some porridge Riga in the similar heat purple beans, can play a warm stomach impact.

Curry + pepper
Curry enable battle most cancers, diabetes as well as other ailments. Identified, and black pepper companion, the body on the lively compound curcumin curry absorption efficiency 1000. Perform a crucial part in the spicy black pepper piperine substance. Therefore, when the two kinds of cooking spices utilized concurrently, much better anti-inflammatory anti-cancer impact. Spicy meals can promote blood circulation, accelerate body fat burning.