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Here's an entry from our own Reuters new York equities team summer intern Chavon Sutton. (Thanks, Chavon!)Did Vibe magazine, paper ambassador regarding hip-hop culture, voice as well as style, pass up the opportunity to survive final year?Vibe, the infant involving acclaimed producer Quincy Jones (the composer that produced the actual http://ebonywebcam1.com - http://ebonywebcam1.com - late Michael Jackson's mega-hit albums, "Thriller" as well as "Off the particular Wall,"), stated earlier this week that will it had been shutting down immediately.A partnership having an on-line gossip website serving African-American readers, may well possess provided it space to maintain producing, according for the site's founder and editor.Fred Mwangaguhunga, that runs Mediatakeout.com, advised us which inside the yr just before Vibe's collapse, it offered the publication the revenue-share deal, nevertheless Vibe refused."We found Vibe along with offered it a deal exactly where they'd sell our ads as well as in return, they'd get a stake in the ads they will sold," Mwangagunhunga said.The partnership could possess offered Vibe "$1 million any month, but they didn't want it," he said.$1 million a new month? Difficult to say. (For how it is worth, Mwangaguhunga says Mediatakeout.com will get less as compared to six http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ebony - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ebony - million distinctive viewers along with 150 million web page impressions per month.)We attemptedto reach Vibe, or whatever can be left involving it, but the computerized voicemail message at the magazine's workplace said: "Message quota exceeded. Goodbye."Did Vibe have a wise pass within the hopes involving striking a better on the internet deal? As Well As do its actions suggest that it is another instance of entrenched print types avoiding imminent change?It could be a pointless question. Jones advised EbonyJet.com that he intends to purchase back again the particular magazine, which were built using a circulation of over 800,000, in accordance with the New York Times.Incidentally, Ebony apparently isn't considering working together with Mediatakeout either."We produced exactly the same proposal to Ebony [magazine] that is facing pressure now," he said. "I'm not sure why they're declaring no."(Photo: Reuters)