I had an interview today with someone from a charity that helps the disabled back in to work.  It all went ok but basically I got roped into doing some voluntary work for them.  I agree willingly at the time but I'm not so sure now.  They said there would be no pressure but I'm still going to have to work it around the studying and the other volutary work I do.  Next week I'll be given some practice on interviewing techniques, which will be useful.  I'm going to have to catch two busses to get there though so I'll probably have a practice run on Thursday.  It was 4pm by the time the interview had finished so I treated myself to a small meal out before heading for home.  The church bible study group was tonight, so I was able to ask for prayer regarding the MRI brain-scan I had on Wednesday.  I'm hoping it won't have been in vain that that they'll find something to explain this absent-mindedness.  The results will be sent on to my GP so hopefully I'll find out soon.