Designer Greetings Cards from

Greeting Cards are pieces of folded paper having images or text on the front cover and a message inside. These cards are usually available with different variations and designs. They have 3 parts or elements - a front side, a back side and inside. To design these cards you have to take care of each of these elements.

1. Front Side - When designing front side of the card, you can use an image or text or a mixture of images and text. The card maker software library has a plethora of images to be selected for designing . You can select suitable images to set the desired tone of the card, like serious, funny, playful or romantic, depending upon the occasion. Make sure that the front side is designed with extra care, since it is the first to grab the attention of the viewer.

2. Inside - The inside of the card can be kept blank for one's own message or can be designed with images or a simple message (like Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary). There can also be some poem, some quotation or any punch line for a joke included inside the card.

Extra Inside Panels - Some specialist greeting cards have many panels, instead of having only one fold. They may have gate folds or accordion folds, in order to include a large amount of photos and text.

Extra Inside Pages - Some handmade greeting cards can look like small booklets in order to tell a story or an extensive message.

3. Back Side - When the cards are bought from the market, their back side contains the name of the manufacturer of the card, copyright notice, and logo and contact details. However, when one designs a card for his or her own use with a greeting card software, the back side can be left blank or can be decorated according to one's own wish.

Optional Elements of Greeting Cards

Embellishments - The cards made by hand or with the help of software can be embellished with charms, ribbons, glitter and other items to make them more beautiful and personalised.

Sound - These days, some greetings also incorporate sound such as augmented reality greeting cards.

Tabs or Pop-ups - The greetings cards may also have tabs or pop-ups which the receiver pulls to read the message. These are generally included in kids' cards or romantic cards.

All these elements of the card can be designed easily with the help of designer greetings card maker.