Design and Cash Matter When Buying a Smoking Pipe

While everyone seems to focus on the vast range of tobacco blends, there is often little consideration forpipes. Pipes have been mainstreaming for a long time, but they also have a reputation as elitist items. This belief does a great disservice to the smoking subculture and would-be pipe smokers. This article looks at two things that matter when buying a smoking pipe and preferred tobacco brands.

#1 Mechanics

.When you’re looking to buy a pipe, its construction matters the most. Veteran smokers are more likely to know what to look for, but these are slippery slopes for new smokers.

Look out for the following:

1. Misaligned parts

Every pipe has two parts: the stummel and the stem. The stummel is the chubby half, while the stem is the thinner half.

The stem links to the stummel as the tenon sits snugly in the mortise. This allows smoke to have a clear path to the lip, all the way from the bowl. So, misaligned parts may lead to smoking inconsistencies, making it loud or wet smoke.

2. Fill

The manufacturer uses a putty to plug any gaps or pits in the briar to provide a consistent, smooth feel. .However, you can’t know how deep the fill is.

3. Metal filters

It is usually possible to remove these from the stem, but this can cause a louder and wetter smoke.

4. Varnish

There are various ways manufacturers choose to finish their pipes. Some use varnish to highlight the color of the wood and emphasize the grain. But this finishing causes the outside to flake or bubble with time.

Only some varnished pipes exhibit this behavior, though, as others use high-quality heavy varnish.

5. Draft hole

This should be at the center of the bowl, right at the bottom. It allows for an optimal stream of smoke. Some havehigher point, instead.

6. Weight

Many believe a lighter pipe offers a better smoke, however your preference should be a pipe that feels lighter than it should.

7. Grain

The grain is mostly about aesthetics, so the more uniform the grain, the higher the price.

#2 Price

It is best to set a top-line budget you’ll stick to when purchasing a pipe. Everyone knows how easy it is to go over the amount they’ve set, ultimately making smoking an expensive hobby.

When buying a pipe, the price will often reflect the quality of the product in terms ofthe raw material and manufacture. If you want a stable pipe that offers good smoke for a long time, be ready to pay a good amount of money. For a rotation pipe, you need to be a tad more frugal. Plus, it still could cost more than rolling pipe tobacco.


As you purchase your first pipe or look to bolster your collection, be sure that you settle on some good pipe tobacco to complete the experience.

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