it sucks i love talking to my boyfriend and i talk to him alot and i know that but mom doesnt care she just wants me to stop talking to him all the time. she got oin my case about it last night so i hav top stop at skool and for a while after skool. but i can live with that under normal circumstances but lately iv been really depressed. mom thinks its cuz i couldnt talk to Rob, my boyfriend, but thats BS i was upset and depressed and she was all its cuz u couldnt talk to him, *rolls eyes* wutev. then i was talking to him to tell him how my day went and how my show was going and she was all pissed over that. i hate her right now thankfuly i get to c my therapist tomorrow so all should be good after that. but i get to visit Rob in two weeks itll be a blast : ).