Demetrios Florakis

Demetrios Florakis is a native of Williamsburg, Virginia. Being a great achiever in real estate field, he developed and leased approximately 50 commercial and residential plots and attained great success. Demetrios Florakis has served various institutions and entertained most promising positions showcasing great skill and dedication towards growth and development.

Since 1993, he is serving Hampton Sidney University based on Hampton Sidney Virginia. For almost 5 years, his knowledge and wisdom of history let others to have better understanding and grow under his assistance. He has also served the tenure of 8 years on Architectural Review Board of City of Williamsburg. His career in serving Planning Commission is worth appreciating with 6 years of service and in it for 4 years; he was appointed as the Chairman of the Planning Commission.

His contribution towards the growth of and development of architectural industry is worth appreciating for he is responsible for developing first Williamsburg private Student Housing Development for the college of Williams and Mary. The most remarkable development he added to the beauty of the city is the fact of developing first Green Building in Williamsburg.

Journey of Demetrios Florakis is highly commendable from winning the people architectural development and the beliefs too. He is the founding member of a church in Williamsburg- Greek Orthodox Church in Williamsburg.

With niche career, Demetrios Florakis also enjoys great private life with two children and a wife called Megan. He lover sporting racing cars and also owns a license as a private pilot.