Delonghi Richmond Chrome Flat Radiator

Delonghi Richmond Chrome Flat Radiator

Richmond Linea plus chrome is a straight radiator with a high heat output for bathrooms needing the most heat. It is a towel warmer made from top quality steel with horizontal 22mm diameter tubes and semi-oval collectors (40x30mm). Chrome plating gives a more refined appearance, further embellishing the rooms where the radiators are installed. The pre-treatment and meticulous chrome plating process guarantee a flaw-free corrosion resistant surface (no harmful substances are released into the environment). The heat outputs are tested according to EN442. The packaging protecting Richmond chrome is designed and made to protect the towel warmer from the factory to the installation site (folded cardboard box).


The chrome plating of chrome finish radiators is closely monitored by Quality Control. The controls begin during the pre-production phase with analysis of the surfaces (particularly important when chrome plating flat tube radiators), then continue during immersion in the chrome bath, monitoring of values during electroplating and final checking to analyse the brightness of the chrome finish.

Output BTU Delta 50 : 601
Number of Tubes : 13
Designed and manufactured in Italy
22mm thick horizontal bars for huge heat output
Anti corrosive protective finish
Manufactured to EN442 standards & IMQ certified
Test pressure 13 Bar
Maximium working pressure 10 Bar
Supplied with wall fixings, blanking nut & airvent
Comprehensive 5 year guarantee (rail)
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