Delicious, Healthy Fruit Smoothies To Start Your Day

Ingredients for Healthy Smoothies

I love creating new smoothie creations by adding nutritional ingredients to the fresh fruit I have on hand. To spark some smoothie inspiration, I've rounded up some of my favorite recipes for you to add to your smoothie-making arsenal. As with all all smoothie recipes, feel free to add your own flair and favorite ingredients to make it uniquely yours. Access the entire smoothie list here. Visit for more information.

The 'healthy' smoothies with more sugar and calories than a can of Coke

tested 52 fruit smoothies and found they might not be as healthy as they are cracked up to be Nearly four out of five smoothies contained more sugar than a 250ml bottle of Coca-Cola (26.5g) with the worst smoothie per 100ml for sugar was The Co-operative Pineapple, Mango and Passionfruit smoothie with 14.7g of sugar. Scientists say that while the review sugar in smoothies is from the fruit and not added, it is just as damaging to teeth and weight as the sugar in fizzy drinks. All the smoothies were also found to have surprisingly high calories - all 52 tested contained more calories than a 250ml bottle of Coca-Cola (105 calories). So THAT'S why slimming makes us depressed: Ditching fat and sugar is similar to drug withdrawal The worst smoothie of all per 100ml for calories was Asdas Pineapple, Banana and Coconut smoothie which had 71 calories.. Scientists say the high calorie and sugar content found in fruit smoothies is due to the high concentration of fruit included. For example drinking one 250ml Innocent Blackberries, Strawberries more? info and Blackcurrants smoothie contains: 3.5 blackberrries, one strawberry, 31 blackcurrents, 5 white grapes, one apple, half an orange and half a banana - which someone would be unlikely to eat in one go. Visit for more information.

Harley said a generation of children was growing up refusing to drink water because they had been fed fruit juice since they were babies. "The problem is that we have got a generation who won't drink water. They want it flavoured all the time," she said. Related Articles Innocent accused 01 Aug 2008 "We see lots of parents who say, 'My children won't drink water'. But if a child has been introduced as an infant to juice, parents are going to really struggle to get him to drink water when he is a bit older." Harley, who runs a specialist clinic sorting out serious dental problems, explained that fruit juice and smoothies were extremely acidic, typically with pH values of two to three. Any time the mouth had a pH lower than 5.5, teeth were click here. vulnerable from acid attack. Visit for more information.

Healthy and Delicious Spinach and Fruit Smoothie Recipe

The spinach may sound strange, but the other ingredients mask the flavor. Before I can get into the carpool line, I've already sucked down fresh veggies, yogurt, and fruit to boot. And better yet? So have my kids. Wanna check out my delish spinach smoothie and the nutritional value? Original Recipe Visit for more information.

'Healthy' smoothies not so innocent for teeth, says dentist